About Us

Valery Senichev
My name is Valery Senichev and I am 31 years old. I currently live and work in Prague. I love Moravia, where I studied at the Masaryk University. I later on studied at the Brno University of Technology where I gained my first work experience. At the Masaryk University I graduated in Psychology and Gender Studies and completed my PhD in Economics and Management. I am interested in career design approaches, personal development, searching for meaningful work and life satisfaction. I offer trainings in these areas for companies and people. My specialisation is work with diversity. In 2017 I completed my PhD with a focus on Application Diversity Management Concept in the Field of Human Resources Management. I am a member of the Forum European Diversity Management (FEDM) and one of the authors of the European Training and Certification program ECQA Diversity Manager.

I work as a Head of Volunteer program in In Prague at the Center for Integration of Foreigners where I coordinate an innovative program called ‘Talent Studio‘ that links creative projects of foreigners with Czech experts.
It is important for me to spend time with my family and to do a job that can help others.

For more information about my practical experience, publications and certificates, please, visit my Linkedin Profile or you can contact us directly at info@educamp.cz.

Barbora Senicheva

“It is not enough to have dreams. We need to live them.”

My name is Barbora. I am 26 years old and I am a fresh mom. I finished my degree at the Masaryk University and my passion is writing (creative writing, text edition and correction) and photography. Besides writing, I am also interested in webmarketing and personal development. I am interested in education, especially in support activities in that area – popularisation of science. I gained experience in that area in an NGO that deals with popularisation of science at primary and secondary schools. I like to work on interesting projects related to education, science and culture.

I will be glad to offer people a possibility to have a look at important questions from different views. I think that women are not supposed to forget about their dreams and to not build a career when they have families. There are possibilities how we can connect hobbies with work in a way that is ok with having a family.