Training and consultations offer

We will always tailor our trainings and consulations to a particular demand. In case of interest, contact us on our email:  or by GSM +(420) 702 958 486.
We have trainings available for  small and middle-sized groups of people as well as individuals.
We are able to create a program for big events (lecture, conference presentation, fair presentation etc.).
Pricing is made depending on how demanding the course is and your financial circumstances.
At present, we provide trainings mostly in our clients‘ premises.

You can find the training topics below:

Motivation  – “Boost your Motivation.”

Motivation is a term that is widely used in literature and practice.The following training shares practical knowledge in the area of motivation, link between motivation and work and the things that we like.

This training is based on individual and group work/activities, business cases and research. A trainer will help to go deeper with your own motivation, enhansing skills/habit to be motivated. We are trying to avoid unnecessary sittings in the way “Let’s take hands and be happy and motivated.” Trainings on motivation should be based on practice.


  • Searching for motivation
  • Factors that boost motivation and factors that weaken motivation
  • Defining your own drivers: past, present and future
  • A habit to be motivated
  • Skills and habits in motivation, sustainability of motivation
  • Self – motivation and motivating others, work in teams

Goals and benefits:

  • To understand factors that create your motivation
  • To develop skills in self-motivation and motivation of others
  • How to motivate in the long-term horizont.

Time management – “Time of our Life”

This training focuses on work with time and planning our activities – work and leisure time.

A part of the training are cases of working with time and how it links to motivation. The training is interactive, based on group and individual work. Each participant will receive an overview of the latest trends in time management and techniques that correspond with their personalities.


  • Work with time
  • Mental setting and its impact on working with time
  • Work with priorities
  • Soft and hard skills in time management
  • Procrastination: psychological and managerial perspective
  • Effective time management

Goals and benefits:

  • Using of effective time management in personal and professional life
  • Skills improvement, knowledge and moving into the direction to more effective life living
  • Skill improvements in the ability to share and coach other people in time management.

Effectiveness at Work

What will happen with your life if you start to be more effective in your work, communication and life living? What will be the impact on your satisfaction and satisfaction of people around you? Does it have an impact on mental health?

The following training offers space for learning new approaches and techniques of work effectivity, including the latest findings from psychology of work and managerial practice.

An integral part of this training focuses on mental health and coping with stress.


  • Personal work habits and its impact
  • Communication in team and self-presentation
  • Psychological and managerial perspective
  • Soft and hard skills in effectivity
  • Perception and reaction to “failure”
  • The mental hygiene and mental health: how to stay healthy under the pressure
  • Time management for advanced: 3 generations of techniques and approaches for your practicing

Goals and benefits:

  • Mapping of your strengths and weaknesses and possibilities of improvement
  • Effectivity improvement and maintaining satisfaction
  • Self-support and supporting people in a team.

Meaningful Job

This training offers the latest practical instruments in searching for meaning at work for yourself and for others. The training will provide useful tips and experience sharing in career shaping and career changing in your life and others´ lives, colleagues and subordinates.


  • The individual meaning of work, “to be at work”
  • Searching for a “dream job” and meaning at work
  • Social and professional “bubbles” in our lives
  • A story of your life: career/work directions and personal direction
  • Searching for support points in up-to-date work or during the work change
  • Emotions and fears on the way to find a “dream job”
  • Scenerios of work life: 1 employment direction, mozaic career etc.
  • Work with a team of employees, work with their motivation and dreams

Goals and benefits

  • Understanding your strengths and weaknesses and improvement options
  • Support in the searching for meaning in your work, supporting pears in a team
  • Acquiring practical work habits to deal with fears and apprehension
  • More effective life planning and spending free time.

Building high performing teams

Training is focused on an up-to-date topic of building high-performing teams. Within the training examples and cases we will focus on working with diversities: age, gender, knowledge diversity, multiculturality, the role of manager in building high-performing teams.


  • Factors of high-performing teams
  • Work in multicultural setting: managerial and psychological perspective
  • Diversity management and its impact on operations
  • Motivation, ledership/engagement in team work, the role of the manager

Goals and Benefits:

  • Experience sharing, discussion on the current situation in practise and research
  • Critical evaluation of diversity management benefits, tailoring to the participants practise
  • Identification of factors, that support satisfaction/engagement in team and team effectivity.


Basics of diversity management: orientation in diversity management, theory and practise, linkage between CSR and diversity management. Critical points of diversity management.

Diversity management for advanced: effective work with different types of diversity: linkage of types of diversity, critical evaluation of pros and cons of diversity management, managerial work with team diversity, personal conceptions of diversity and its reflection.

Migration management and multicultural communication: current situation in the Czech Republic and Europe, foreigners and living in Czech cities and the countryside, the basis of communication with different groups of foreigners.